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Athens Day Cruise during the COVID-19 crisis

Athens Day Cruise during the COVID-19 crisisfeatured_image

As Greece is preparing for a general lockdown amid the COVID-19 pandemic, we in Athens Day Cruise want to remind you that these are measures to keep all of us safe and ready to get back to our every day life asap.

In Athens Day Cruise, we have suspended our services more than 10 days ago, acting in full responsibility towards our passengers, our crew and our employees. Moreover we have disinfected every surface and room of our one-day cruise vessels, being ready for the upcoming trips.

No matter how hard this period is for everyone, we are positive that any harsh measure is critical in order to flatten the epidemic curve and win the fight with the new virus, with as few victims as possible. Spring and summer may seem too far right now, as well as our favorite cruises and tours in the Saronic Gulf and the Saronic islands, but we know that our collective efforts are able to bring them closer.

For that reason we will continue to keep you updated on our beloved Saronic islands and their treasures, alongside with unique tips for travellers in Athens. Make sure to read them, lighten your spirit, and bookmark them for your next getaway in Greece.

We hope everyone reading this announcement is safe and sound.

Let us not leave our hopes abandon us. We are sure that this crisis will be over soon, letting us to sail across the Saronic Gulf again.