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A few tips to help you plan your cruise

For your convenience, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions and answers which underline general cruise regulations. We hope this valuable information assists you in making your cruise plans and enjoying your cruise to the fullest, on board and at island destinations.

What is the difference between the standard and VIP seat in terms of services offered?

When purchasing a standard ticket you get the lunch buffet complimentary while any other service (i.e. tours, transfer from & to your hotel, refreshments, coffee, etc.) are charged extra. The VIP ticket includes business class buffet served in the separate VIP lounge, finger food first class, welcome drink (alcohol not included), Greek ouzo & meze, transfer from & to your hotel, fast lane embarkation, selection of tour: Hydra Walking Tour or Temple of Aphaia & St. Nectarios Excursion & a private tour on the bridge by the captain.

Can I find prescription medicine on the islands?

If you require prescription medicine while on your cruise, please do not forget to bring the prescribed medicine with you since the pharmacies on each island may not have availability to your medication. In the event that the medication requires refrigeration, please inform our personnel. In addition, if you wear glasses or contact lenses, make sure that you have an additional pair with you.

Are there special diet menus?

If any passenger is following a specific diet, suffers from allergies or simply food intolerance, the ship’s personnel should be informed two days prior to the departure, so that the chef can create special menus accordingly.

What clothes are most comfortable in the hot summer months?

If you are traveling during the summer months, please choose to dress lightly selecting comfortable, cotton clothing. You can also bring your swimsuit. It is recommended to continuously wear sunglasses and a hat and apply protective suntan lotions, particularly for lighter skins. In the evening a sweater or jacket is a must, since there is the possibility of humidity and/ or a light breeze on the deck.

Is there a dress code on board?

Proper attire should be worn in the restaurants and public areas of the ship. Swimsuits, towels and sandals are not allowed in the dining areas. Casual attire is preferable for reasons of health and comfort.

What shoes are preferable?

Sneakers, flat shoes or any shoe with low heel is suggested so that you can safely and conveniently explore all areas of the ship. Kindly avoid any part of the ship that may be wet, slippery or restricted.

Can I charge the batteries for my camera?

We recommend that you use a photo or video camera during the trip and to frequently charge the batteries as you will have many opportunities to take photos. In case you have forgotten your camera, our professional photographer on board is available to assist you.

What clothes are most comfortable for island touring?

During the cruise we recommend you enjoy Athens Day Cruise optional excursions. If you have booked a tour, dress lightly choosing casual, light colored clothes if you are travelling during the summer. In you are visiting a religious site, dress appropriately and avoid shorts and bare shoulders. Choose to wear sports shoes or low-heels so that you can walk, climb or climb steep stairs easily. Do not forget to wear your hat and continuously apply protective sun lotion. Lounge under your umbrella if you are at the beach. Cameras are a necessary accessory on your excursions. More specific information is available in the ships’ brochures.

Can I book the cruise ship for special events?

We cater for birthday parties, wedding receptions and any event you wish. Kindly contact the Special Events Department and let us organize the event of your dreams!

Can I travel if I’m pregnant?

We recommend that women who are in their 12th week of pregnancy seek medical advice prior to traveling. Women who have already completed or will complete the 28th week of pregnancy, at any stage, while on board, are obliged to submit a medical certification confirming their ability to travel. The Transporter/ Carrier, has every right to request the medical certification at any stage during the cruise or even refuse transport if the Carrier and/ or the Captain are not convinced that the passenger will be safe during the cruise.

Can an infant travel on board?

Infants under 3 months of age are not allowed to travel for their own safety and security. Infants over 3 months can travel only if you have the relevant and necessary equipment with you. We wish to inform you that we do not supply milk or food for infants and do NOT have a babysitting service on board.

Is there medical assistance on board for emergencies?

There is NO doctor on board. However, our personnel are trained to provide first-aid assistance in the event of a medical emergency until the ship docks at the nearest port.

Is smoking allowed on board?

Based on Greek Law, smoking is prohibited in the indoor area of the ship. Smoking signs are placed in the special smoking areas.

Is there gambling on board?

NO. Based on Greek law, gambling is prohibited on board.

Will my mobile phone work at sea?

Yes. During the entire cruise, there is network coverage of mobile communication, so any friend or family member can contact you at any time.

Are there additional charges?

The basic cruise fee DOES NOT include the cost of the optional excursions, drinks or soft drinks available on board. Breakfast is optional and paid separately. Any purchase from the ship’s jewelry / gift shop is also excluded from the fee. Upon request, we can also arrange transportation from and to your hotel for an additional charge. Please contact your local agent or our company’s reservation department.

What travel documents do I need?

All the necessary VALID travel documents, EXPIRED documents are not accepted. If you are traveling from abroad, please carry all the necessary documentation for your visit to Greece. It is the passenger’s responsibility to present valid travel documents to board and there is no refund policy.

What additional documents do I need for the cruise?

Besides your travel documents, you should also have your ticket or the voucher issued by your travel agency, IN YOUR POSSESSION. In addition, you should carefully read – and, even better, print out – the document on “Transportation Terms”.

What is the policy for minors traveling on board?

In the event that children are travelling with a relative-guardian and not accompanied by parents, you are required to submit a certified document stating that you agree to your children join the cruise. If your underage child is traveling without a passport but with a Greek identity card and is escorted by one parent, it is obligatory for the other parent, not traveling on the cruise, to submit a certified document of agreement.

Can I bring alcohol and food on board?

NO. Alcohol and food are not allowed on board. Our cruise ship’s bar and restaurant is at your disposal to meet all your needs during the cruise.

How much luggage can I bring?

Each passenger is allowed to bring one piece of hand-luggage with the relevant personal belongings.

Can I bring my pet?

Unfortunately NO. There are no facilities on board to host your small friends.

Is there WiFi on board?

Free WiFi Internet is available on our 2nd deck. *Our company uses frontline technology with 4G devices, within the framework of its service to its customers’ communication needs through mobile telephony. In the event that at some points of the route these needs are not served, this is due to improper coverage or lack of signal from cellular providers (because of the geographical configuration of the area (sea, mountains, etc)) and not due to the company’s fault.

Are there facilities for passengers with special needs?

We welcome passengers with special needs to travel on our cruise ship on condition they are accompanied by a companion.