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Best walking tours in Athens

Best walking tours in Athensfeatured_image

When looking for the best walking tours in Athens, we suggest you keep in mind the following criteria.

  • Audience for the tour: Some are geared towards history buffs while others are aimed at kids. Check who is the target audience for the trip.
  • A balanced schedule: Some tour operators try to squeeze in ten things into a walking tour and not allocate enough time to enjoy each venue.
  • Group size: Some operators try to cram in forty people into a tour which is better suited for 20.
  • Cost and record: Look for value for money deals rather than cheap excursions. Don’t pay above-market rates just because of a brand name.

Keeping these criteria in mind, here are some of the best walking tours in Athens.

Athens Walking Tour with Food and Wine Tasting

This tour will be of interest for all the foodies and wine aficionados. The walking tour starts at 1030 am and takes you across the historic parts of the city and the market. Try some authentic souvlaki and other Greek delicacies. Taste Greek wine, ouzo and raki and find out which one is your new favourite drink.

Hidden Athens Small Group Walking Tour and Picnic: Plaka and the Hills of Athens

This 3.5-hour tour is best suited for those who love photography. Discover hidden sights of Plaka including Byzantine churches, neoclassical townhouses and photogenic Anafiotika.

Classical Tour on Aegina with Athens Day Cruise

If you are a history buff, this is the tour you should join. Get on Athens one day cruise and explore Aegina, Hydra and Poros. On Aegina, explore the historic ruins and enjoy the mythical charm of this ancient island with expert commentary, by booking the classical walking tour of Aegina.

Bonus Tour: Panoramic Tour of Aegina

You can also opt for a Panoramic Tour of the island if you want some Instagram worthy shots. With the Panoramic Tour of Aegina you will get the chance to tour around the island of Aegina, catching great photographic moments. What is more, you can combine the Panoramic Tour with the Classical Walking Tour of Aegina, for an unforgettable combination of activities in the Saronic Gulf.