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What is in our bucket list for…after quarantine?

What is in our bucket list for…after quarantine?featured_image

While Greece is entering phase 2 of loosening up its lockdown rules, the warm weather of late spring is already making us imagine the perfect bucket list after quarantine.

Although getting back to normal everyday life may take a while, there are still some things we want get them first.

So let’s sort out our priorities in our after-lockdown bucket list

Take a really long walk

Even though walking wasn’t prohibited, strict regulations and technicalities made our efforts seem limited. With the loosening of the lockdown measures, it feels like a psychological burden is also relieved. From May 4th, we will be able to take long walks, rediscover Athens and “reclaim” our city.

Have a drink with friends

Speaking of limitations, the necessary social distancing rules deprived us from our friends and family. Despite of our understanding of their necessity, we still missed spending quality time with them. What we crave right now most, is a couple of laid-back moments with our beloved. Why not with a refreshing drink in a summer roof bar?

Live a collective experience

Missing our friends and family members was one part of our social distancing measures. Avoiding large gatherings and collective experiences was the other one. And God, what a misery it was.

Do you remember the old days of massive concerts? Or the thrill while watching a final match? What about the serenity of religious gatherings?

But considering the upcoming summer, we definitely pick our favorite experience; watching an all-time classic film in one of the open-air, Athenian cinemas. Open-air cinemas are the cultural hotspots that send out the signal that summer has arrived in Athens. And we can’t wait to purchase a ticket for them!

Take a trip

With it being the final step of the restrictions’ loosening, vacation and holidays trips may still seem a dream. Uncertainty on the covid-19 course among countries and borders situation don’t allow us to make plans for big trips.

But we are still allowed to dream the small ones, those close to Athens, in the geographic region of Attica. Like a trip in the Saronic islands!

Whether it be domestic visitors from Athens or new foreign travelers in the middle and the end of summer, Athens Day Cruise is waiting for officials’ signal to begin again its one-day cruises.

Until then, we will be filling our bucket list!