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Discover the Saronic Islands close to Athens
Hydra - Poros - Aegina one-day cruise, a journey of the senses

Live your dream on a mythical Aegean sea escape filled with epic moments cruising to three Greek islands! The one day cruise to Hydra -Poros- Aegina turns the fairytale into reality at each magical port. Where else can you hire a donkey for transport except on the serenely beautiful island of Hydra, where cars are not allowed? Or, take long strolls on the golden sandy beaches of Poros next to the transparent waters of the Saronic Gulf. And, walk on the ancient earth of Aegina where coinage was introduced to the Western World. Sounds fascinating? The charm of the Saronic Islands exceeds your imagination offering every opportunity to discover the secrets, history and lifestyle of each island.

Lasting impressions are yours at every island destination. Beautiful Hydra is a haven for romantics including Leonard Cohen, the famed singer/songwriter, who bought a home on Hydra six days after his twenty-sixth birthday and wrote many of his significant lifeworks from the landmark house. Hydra welcomes visitors to gain inspiration from the enchanting setting which blends past and present. The hillside harbor town, crowned by the stately stone mansions of traditional shipping families, showcases Hydra’s rich maritime heritage. The serenity of the countryside combined with the town’s vibrant summer scene distinguishes Hydra as the trendsetters island escape close to Athens.

The scale of luxury yachts in the harbor, lively waterfront cafes, trendy bars and restaurants create the cosmopolitan style of Hydra. Poros is a true gem for nature lovers. The countryside, with its famed Lemon Forest, together with the colors of the sea, idyllic beaches, historical landmarks and local gastronomy, create an island paradise where the lush greenery of pine trees meets turquoise blue waters. The island of Aegina is not only scenically beautiful but historically inspiring. The countryside is dotted with landmarks that tell the island’s story. The Temple of Aphaea, built over 2,500 years ago, is a tribute to the powerful Aeginetans of the ancient world; the Kapodistrian buildings highlight the historical importance of Aegina as the first capital of liberated Greece;

the magnificent church of St. Nektarios captures the life and times of the wise and humble priest, known locally as the great ‘miracle worker’; Paleohora, the island’s medieval capital, brings to life the natural beauty of the hillside against the hardship of pirate invasion. As the proud custodian of the island’s history, the serene countryside with its pine-covered hilltops and famous pistachio trees rolls down to the seashore, the center of today’s vibrant island life. Aegina has many excellent beaches, beautiful waters, seaside cafes and restaurants where tasty local specialties are the daily fare. As a cultural center with museums and many quaint churches, Aegina offers an incomparable experience of discovery.

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