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On Athens Day Cruise 3 islands tour cruise from Athens you will experience a journey of the senses on board our 3-deck cruise ships and on each of our island destinations, Hydra, Poros and Aegina. Our Greek Saronic island tours offer you a fun and inspirational experience discovering the culture and culinary tradition of these sparkling gems of the Saronic Gulf. Our tours are led by experienced, multilingual guides with deep knowledge of the cultural heritage of the Saronic islands and a passion for sharing the secret treasures of Hydra, Poros and Aegina.

Greek island hopping has never been so personally rewarding. You can choose from optional tours to match your personality and special interests. For example, you can opt for the fun of a swimming excursion at either of two small islands close to Aegina. You’ll skim the waves in a 12-minute speedboat ride to Agistri and, just 7 minutes to Moni, to enjoy a refreshing swim in crystal waters. For the best in Greek island tours to suit your cruise mood for fun, culture and sensational gastronomical experiences, discover the true character of Greek island life on our inspiring tours.

You can choose Walking Tours on Hydra and Poros, the Classical Tour on Aegina, which brings to life the spectacular ancient history of this beautiful island in the sun, or the Panoramic Tour, for a drive through the nature of Aegina enjoying the mythical charm of the countryside. For food aficionados, there are the pleasures of authentic cuisine at every stop, including the famous Greek street food, pita pies, with a local twist with the freshest ingredients, as well fine wines and a delicious array of sweets, such as delicious ‘pasteli,’ an energy-boosting bar made from pistachios and pure, Greek honey from Aegina.

Athens Day Cruise Island Tours create memorable moments on your Athens one day cruise. The tours are not included in the ticket price and can be purchased on board. Our crew will be happy to assist you in finding the best tour for your taste and needs while you can opt for a combination of two or more tours.