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7 Tips for Solo Travelling!

Travelling alone gives you the freedom to do as you please, however and whenever you want.  Engaging with others is entirely up to, and for many, not having a travelling partner to consider makes decision-making on the road (or on sea) far less complicated. By following these 7 tips for solo travelling, we ensure you that loneliness will never be a risk for holidays.

For the solo travelers, we have some tips to assist you as you island hop across the Saronic Gulf, or visit anywhere else in the world for that matter.

1. Carry a mobile, stay reachable

Embarking on your solo travels, you’ve probably left some family and friends behind.  All the more reason to take a mobile phone with you for those moments that you’ll want to get in touch with your loved ones. The peace of mind of knowing that you’re reachable will go a long way in easing their concerns about you travelling alone. It also means you’ll be able to reach out to anyone, should the need arise


2. Take just the necessities

Don’t over pack, travel light and take just what you need. Make sure you have comfortable shoes, light clothing, sunscreen, a hat, and your toiletries. The last thing you want is to be lugging heavy luggage around. You’re travelling solo, you want to keep things as easy and convenient as possible.


3. Make sure you’re insured

Yes, travel insurance is something we consider an absolute essential. Do your research and find an insurance plan that provides coverage in all the countries you’re travelling to. In particular, try and find a policy that will fly someone out to you should you land up in hospital during your travels. You simply cannot predict the “what ifs”, but you can prepare for them to a certain degree.


4. Be responsible

You’re on holiday, you’re bound to do some socializing along the way – have some fun. Which is great! Just look out for you. Drink responsibly, and stay sober. Don’t forget, you’re travelling alone.  You need to keep your mind clear, and not let your guard down. Your safety always comes first.


5. Socialize

Travelling alone is great, yes. But so is meeting new people. You never know what epic friendships you could make, or the interesting conversations to be had! Join a guided group tour, like the one Athens Day Cruise organizes in Hydra and Aegina. Be approachable, be friendly, be social, and smile – people will be drawn to you, wanting to chat.


6. Learn some of the local language

And by this we mean, learn a few words to help you communicate. The locals will probably respect you more for it and that’s always a win when you’re trying to find you way around your destination.


7. Don’t flash your valuables around

Better yet, don’t travel with anything too valuable on you. Trying to keep it safe can be more hassle than it’s worth. Just make sure to safeguard your ID and your phone.

Remember to keep confident, not take silly risks, and take advantage of any opportunity that comes your way! Solo travelling is awesome, so enjoy it to the max!