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Fall get-away experiences close to Athens

Fall get-away experiences close to Athensfeatured_image

Visiting Athens, Greece this fall and looking for a couple of get-away ideas? Looking for new experiences after touring all the historical museums of Athens?

Today we offer you an updated guide for the best fall get-away experiences close to Athens. Follow us on this tour and discover original ideas for your trip in Athens!

Ancient Mycenae – a prehistoric treasure

Mycenae is one of the greatest archaeological sites of ancient Greece. Once the land of great Mycenaens and their kings. This is where myths, legends and ancient history meet.  Mycenae is in the north-eastern Peloponnese, only 2 hours far from Athens. Mycenae used to be the military and commercial center of ancient Greece, between 1600 – 1100 BC. In fact, the Mycenaean ages succeeded the Minoan ones, from Crete.

The archaeological site of Mycenae include 2 parts. First the treasury of Atreus and then the site itself, alongside with the archaeological museum. The treasury used to be the burial site of a noble Mycenaen man – maybe Agamemnon himself. Unfortunately, the treasury has been looted long ago, and the real treasures buried in there are lost. But apart from the treasury of Atreus, there is also the main archaeological site, a citadel, and the respective museum.

We strongly recommend to take your time and visit both parts of Mycenae, and roam around the Lion Gate and the Cyclopean Walls. Especially during fall, your visit will be splendid without extreme summer heat and crowds of tourists.

Arachova – Everlasting tradition

Underneath the mountainous slopes of Parnassus, you will find the most picturesque, traditional village close to Athens. Arachova, or as some call it, the Nymph of Parnassus, is one of the top winter destinations close to Athens, and one of the best traditional villages to visit all around the year. The village of Arachova is breathtakingly beautiful with its traditional houses, the narrow cobble-stone streets and an amazing view.

While planning your visit to Arachova, keep in mind that you can stay there for a one-day excursion or prolong it to several days. You can combine your visit with winter skiing on the Parnassus Mt. or additional visits to Delphi. But even for a one-day trip, Arachova is a great get-away option from Athens.

Don’t miss to climb up the stairs towards the church of St. George, the most historic church in town, where the battle of Arachova took place in 1826. What is more, taste the famous cheese formaella and the black, dry wine of Arachova.

Aegina –  A perennial olive grove

Aegina, one of the most beautiful islands of the Saronic Gulf, manages to keep its charm throughout all year. Only two and a half hours far from the port of Piraeus, Aegina is the ideal get-away destination for new experiences close to Athens. Besides Aegina’s great historical interest and its amazing beaches, there is also one spot worth to visit. Eleonas, a region between Pahia Rahi and Sfentouri, hosts one of the oldest olive groves in the world. There you will find perennial, silver olive trees, with roots even 2000 years old.

Visiting the site of natural heritage of Eleonas is totally free of charge. Take your time and stroll around the ancient trees, admire the olive trees complex formations through the decades and sit next to the trunks. You can even plan a picnic with your friends or family.

We are sure you are going to love this place, its existences even some locals ignore!