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Go Hiking on Hydra and Poros

If you’re an avid hiker, you can take a day trip from Athens to the near saronic islands. Don’t forget to go hiking on Hydra and Poros. They offer some spectacular places to see, particularly if you’re up for hiking your way through. And if you’re after a little bit of historical exploration combined with beautiful island and sea views, doing it on foot is a great way to go.

So, book an Athens one-day cruise and experience some of the best trails that these two gorgeous Greek islands have to offer:


From Kamini to Episkopi

Leave Hydra town and head west to Kamini, taking the coastal road. This popular fishing village is where sailors have been coming for some 300 hundred years to fix their boats or store them if need be.  Once you leave Kamini, continue to Vlihos. For the history lovers, visit the church of John the Baptist as well. From Vlihos, keep walking until you cross a 17th century bridge to Palamida. This charming seaside village is renowned for its beauty. From Palamida, move on to Episkopi, reportedly the site of a Byzantine village. Of course, each hike from village to village can be enjoyed on its own, especially if time is of the essence.

Kiafa and Agios Athanasios

Kiafa is one of the oldest towns in Hydra located high above the island’s port and a great place to explore. From Kiafa, head to the seven windmills situated on the hill of Agios Athanasios. The view here is spectacular!

Zourvas Monastery

Start by taking a water taxi to the steps leading up to the monastery. Although a challenging hike, the panoramic views once you’ve walked the steps to reach the monastery make it well worth the effort. At the top, take some time to take in the scenery, before walking back to Hydra town. As you head back, explore some of the historical sites along the way, such as the Profitou iliou chapel and the St. Nicholaos, St. Matronis and St. Triada monasteries.


Poros Town to the church of Ag. Anargyroi

Take a walk up through Poros Town, taking in the wonderfully coloured houses along the way, leading to the ruins of an old windmill. From there, walk to the church of Ag. Anargyroi where you will get to experience the breath-taking sweeping views of the island.

Temple of Poseidon

The walk to this 6th century BC temple is beautiful.  Located on the northern part of Poros, walk from the Sinikismos (once inhabited by refugees from Asia Minor) and follow the road to the Chapel of Our Lady Agia Zoni. As you keep walking, you will encounter the Chapel of the Prophet Elias, and finally you will reach the Temple of Poseidon nearby. This Doric styled temple was once the epicentre for addressing civil and religious matters for many of Greece’s city states. Although now in ruins, one can almost imagine what this sanctuary once was.

As always, be sun conscious! Take bottled water and some snacks with you, and wear sunscreen. Make sure to wear comfortable walking shoes and lose fitting clothing to protect you from the sun. If hiking on Hydra and Poros gets you tired, take a break!