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4 questions about island hopping in Greece

4 burning questions about island hopping: Is it the trend of casual travelling or an affordable luxury? Who should do it and how? Is there an all-star island combination, or you can differentiate from the pack? And what about the ideal time frame of an island hopping adventure? (more…)

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7 worth-visit archaeological museums out of Athens (Part 1)

Visiting for the first time Athens, you can easily get distracted by the abundance of archaelogical museums in the city centre. But a real history-buff should visit a couple of archaeological museums out of Athens. (more…)

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Have you been to the Saronic islands?

Saronic islands have played a significant role in Greek civilization. They are some of the most important cultural heritage of Greece. In other words, Saronic Gulf is a unique destination that you should definately visit!


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