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Temple of Afaia
& St Nektarios Monastery Tour

The Classical Tour of Aegina offers an inspiring experience into the modern history, culture and ancient character of the island, as well as a drive through the countryside where pistachio trees line both sides of the road. Representative of the island’s modern history is the Kapodistrian building, where Ioannis Kapodistrias resided as the first Governor of Greece. A visit to the Temple of Afaia is an unforgettable excursion. The temple is the focal point of the area of the sanctuary, founded in ancient Aegina to commemorate the Minoan deity Afaia, daughter of Zeus and Carme. The temple is in the Dorian style and is considered by many to be the model the Parthenon is Athens.

An impressive highlight of the tour is the Monastery of St. Nektarios, built between 1904-1910 by the Bishop of Pentapolis, Nektarios. Nektarios lived in the Monastery until he died in 1920. In 1961 he was declared a Saint. The church has two tall bell towers and four rows of windows, which all have red bows for a capstone. The Monastery is a convent where presently 14 nuns reside. The memory of the Saint is celebrated on November 9th. The tour lasts about 50 minutes and can be combined with other tours in a combo-tour package. You can either purchase the tour on board, as it is not included in the ticket price, or contact us to help you choose the best package.