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What to taste in Poros – Lemon Sweet Spoons

With cold January already here, our appetite for a local taste of Poros demands its famous lemon sweet spoons.

One of the three island destination of Athens Day Cruise one-day cruise, is the small island of Poros. Although, some may think that Poros is an underrated island considering the rest of Saronic islands, we know better! (more…)

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4 New Year Resolutions to boost your experience in Athens

Sorting out your travelling resolutions for 2020 and Athens is (again) one of your next destinations? Looking for top-notch ways to boost your experience in Greek capital? (more…)

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New Year Eve & First with Athens Day Cruise

With winter temperatures finally approached Greece and the Christmas festivities in peak, we invite you to spend to your New Year Eve & First with Athens Day Cruise. (more…)

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A VIP cruise in the mid of December

What is like a cruise in the mid of December? Is it worth to book a VIP ticket and benefit all the perks a cruise line can offer you? (more…)

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Athens Day Cruise – an experience all year around

Picking a one-day cruise during your holidays in Athens isn’t an easy decision to make. Depending the seasonality, the weather and the offered amenities, a one day cruise can be the tipping experience that will differentiate great holidays from the mediocre.

But Athens Day Cruise has achieved the impossible! (more…)

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Winter weekend getaways close to Athens

Have you chosen visiting Athens during the off season period of winter? Are you buffed with all the museums and looking for some weekend getaway ideas off the beaten path?

Look no further! Our team has concluded to the top three winter weekend getaway destinations for this year. (more…)

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Hydra: home of arts

Hydra has been reknown as the island with zero traffic, or else the donkeys island. But it is also know for the artistic influence it has inspired thoughout years. Evidently, it’s not bizarre that it host 3 successful art galleries and one international arts festival. (more…)

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The Hydra island – An artistic inspiration

Many people have complimented Greek islands for their beauty. But no other island has been the artistic resort of so many artists, like Hydra. Hydra is reknown for offering inspiration and shelter to artists worldwide, with its islandic and natural beauty. (more…)

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Fall get-away experiences close to Athens

Visiting Athens, Greece this fall and looking for a couple of get-away ideas? Looking for new experiences after touring all the historical museums of Athens?

Today we offer you an updated guide for the best fall get-away experiences close to Athens. Follow us on this tour and discover original ideas for your trip in Athens! (more…)

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4 questions about island hopping in Greece

4 burning questions about island hopping: Is it the trend of casual travelling or an affordable luxury? Who should do it and how? Is there an all-star island combination, or you can differentiate from the pack? And what about the ideal time frame of an island hopping adventure? (more…)

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