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Hydra: home of arts

Hydra has been reknown as the island with zero traffic, or else the donkeys island. But it is also know for the artistic influence it has inspired thoughout years. Evidently, it’s not bizarre that it host 3 successful art galleries and one international arts festival. (more…)

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The Hydra island – An artistic inspiration

Many people have complimented Greek islands for their beauty. But no other island has been the artistic resort of so many artists, like Hydra. Hydra is reknown for offering inspiration and shelter to artists worldwide, with its islandic and natural beauty. (more…)

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Autumn destinations close to Athens

Looking for good autumn holidays destinations can be tricky due to unpredictable weather. Nevertheless, Athens is always a good option as an autumn holidays destination. (more…)

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How to go to Poros, Hydra & Aegina?

If you have plans to visit Poros, Hydra & Aegina during your Greek holiday, but are short on time, there is an easy way to solve that problem.

Sign up for Athens One day cruise, and they will take you to all the three islands in a day.  


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Athens Off the Beaten Path: Things to do

If you want to explore Athens off the beaten path to find some local insights, here are some lesser-known secrets of the historical city. Take your time exploring them, and you will have stories to tell when you get back home. (more…)

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Which one to visit, Hydra or Aegina?

If you have been to Athens on a short holiday, it is hard to decide which island to visit first, Hydra or Aegina. To ensure your holiday is relaxing, it is better to only do 2-3 things in a day. Any more will feel like a rushed school tour. (more…)

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Hydra: All About Prophitis Ilias Monastery

If you’re planning to take a break from exploring Athens’ attractions, a day trip spent island-hopping is a great way to see something more of the region. An Athens day cruise for instance will enable you to discover beautiful Greek islands like Hydra, Poros, Aegina, among others. Especially don’t miss Prophitis Ilias Monastery in Hydra. (more…)

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Go Hiking on Hydra and Poros

If you’re an avid hiker, you can take a day trip from Athens to the near saronic islands. Don’t forget to go hiking on Hydra and Poros. They offer some spectacular places to see, particularly if you’re up for hiking your way through. And if you’re after a little bit of historical exploration combined with beautiful island and sea views, doing it on foot is a great way to go. (more…)

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Hydra’s Cultural Past

Hydra is one of those destinations that holds a fascinating appeal among an eclectic mix of global travellers. Mostly because of Hydra’s cultural past. (more…)

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A Walking Tour Through Hydra by Athens Day Cruise

With no cars on the island, Hydra makes for a great destination to explore by walking. Athens Day Cruise offers you an astonishing opportunity of a walking tour through Hydra. (more…)

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